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There are more than 70 000 cars every day from more than 120 auctions in all over Japan. Our clients get access to all Japanese auctions in their homes through our car finder. You don’t need to go somewhere else because you will get it all in one place!


Through our service, you can get a car statistic on each car. It will help you to know such information like how many times the car was selling, what was the car’s condition and even more. Also, our company provides a unique Car History service where you could check the records during the last 10 years! Car History is created specially to make buying cars transparent for you.


AAA Japan stays for 15 years on the market! For all this time we have been working with the Japanese auctions and know everything about it! Move on to the Auctions.


Our company guarantees that the auction sheet translation matches the car. We pay attention to every detail during translation! Also, you could learn to navigate in the Auction List.


All money transferring only to our Company Account. We will never ask you to transfer your money to the private account. Also, both sides are required to write an agreement.


Price will be shown for you in yens for each service. There is no going to be any currency conversations or any extra costs which appeared from nowhere. You always know what your vehicle cost is.

If you would like to know FOB vehicle's price, please contact our manager.


Our qualified team will be pleased to Answer to all your questions, translate an Auction Sheet and lead you through the whole process from choosing your car till purchasing and shipping it to you. We created for you a huge Library with materials and instructions on choosing a quality vehicle from the Japanese auctions.


AAA Japan exports cars to numerous countries every day. Please let us know the closest port destination, and we arrange everything for you. Click here to see the current Shipping Schedule or Import Regulation in your country.

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Advantages To Buy Through Japan


To be able to trade at local Japanese and foreign market all companies need to get a licence from the government. We got this licence on 10th November 2003 year. Only companies with the long working term are trustful. AAA Japan stays for more than 15 years on the market!


Most of the cars in Japan are in good condition. Determining factors are quality roads, timely car maintenance and cautiousness of Japanese. Learn more about auction condition grading!


All dealer's cars from Japanese Auctions indicate real mileage. If you would like to check the odometer history on the previous auctions, click Car History.

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If you would like to avoid spare spending, it’s better to buy directly from Japanese Auctions, especially that there is much wider range than it is on your local market. There are more than 70 000 lots every day from more than 120 auction houses available on our website!

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