Auction Types

Online Auctions


Most of the cars could be found at the Online Japanese Auctions. This type of auction runs in real time.

Auction start at 9 am and continue till the last car. Auction system appoints the approximate time for each car. Each trade usually lasts around 10 – 30 seconds, so buyer should know his maximum price in advance. Seller nominates the price for the car — starting price. The price for each car grows from 0 to starting price where consumers start to fight for the vehicle. Bids are placed by pressing the button step by step. Every step equals ¥3 000 — ¥5 000 depends on the auction house.

If the consumer purchased the car, he gets an instant notification to his Email address.

Sealed Bid Auction

Auction List: AEP, IPA, Isuzu, LUM, NAA Nyusatsu, Nissan Osaka, NPS, ORIX, SAKURA, ZERO.

Sealed Bid Auctions accept bids till the certain time. Usually, it begins in the morning and finishes in the evening. This auction identifies that you could bid only once and are not able to look at the bides of others. The Results are known this evening or next morning. Those who offered the biggest price become the owner.

Note that when the consumer made his bid mean that he agreed to buy these vehicles in advance and could not refuse.

One Price

One Price or Dealer Stock is a place where you could find any vehicle for the fixed price. If the consumer would like to buy the car from dealer stock, he agrees with the declared price. The car at the dealer stock is purchasing quickly and without competitive bidding.

Note that sometimes seller could find the buyer himself and you couldn’t purchase the car.


Not every vehicle is being sold on the auctions. If the bides was not reached seller’s asking price, the system marks this car as unsold. In this case, we could ask the auction for negotiation with the owner. Note that the price should be bigger than it was during last bid on ¥30 000. The seller could accept or refuse asking price. During purchasing through negotiation, commission cost will rise up 2 times.