Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy cars?
Press here to read the instructions.

Dear customers ! Please note, that we deliver cars from japan car auction only by Ro-Ro vessels and only to port of destination. Therefore before placing a bid, You should notify us a port of destination. Then we will check - if there are Ro-Ro vessels coming to this port or not. And can we deliver the car to Your destination or we can not. Before buying cars - check the nearest port with Ro-Ro vessels shipping line. We do not deliver cars to any inner inland regions, or by containers. Because in case of containers You will have to buy and ship 4 cars for 1 container to make transportation cost reasonable per 1 unit.

I’m private customer, can I buy vehicles here too?
Of course. Read the following pages below to know how auctions work:

  1. Bidding Results

I need additional pictures / translation / need to know / to check / special car from japan car auction ...... etc, can you help?
Any service is provided by our company only to ACTIVE USERS WHO SENT DEPOSIT FOR BIDDING.

How much you charge for your services ?

There is auto calculator for every specific lot, where You can see CIF cost of the car delivered to the port of destination specified by You. See the picture below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started buying cars from japan car auction?
To start bidding you need to wait till your returnable deposit arrives on our account. Read information here to understand how we work.

I need to know that my deposit is safe?
AAA Japan Co., Ltd. is one of the government association member called JUMVEA. This association supported by Japanese Ministry of Economy. The main goal of JUMVEA is to regulate fair vehicle’s trade. Association provides their own secure Safe Trade payment where the main purpose is to freeze your money (nobody could use it) till you get your car.

How can I make payment?
Our company accepts Japanese Yen and US Dollars. You could pay by Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit or mentioned above Safe Trade.

How many cars can I buy?
It depends on your deposit amount. You could buy each car for each ¥100 000 on your account.

I can’t see bidding results, what should I do?
Bidding results are updated every few hours, please wait a little and results appear in your electronic office. Also, you need to know that USS Auctions show results only to the buyer and no one else.

Could you check vehicles I want to buy?
Yes, we can ask Auction Inspector to provide additional check of the car you want to buy at additional cost.

Why information on the Auction Sheet is changed?
Usually, it happened during additional viewing whereas the inspector found something else what was not mentioned before.

Can I ask to buy a car at my price before the auction?
We are not able to contact sellers directly. If the car was unsold we could ask for the negotiation with the seller. Note that you also could buy cars at the Cars Available section for the fix price.

What do you mean by FOB and CIF price?
FOB means that supplier pays for the shipping transportation themselves.
CIF Price includes cost, freight or shipping and transportation insurance.
You could read more about shipping terminology here.

What is your working hours?
Due to our location, our working hours 09:00-18:00 JPT which is UTC + 9:00. Even during working hours it is better to send message or e-mail.

How can I send message ?
When messaging to us - please indicate Your name and user name. It saves time for searching for Your identity.

Can I make all payment via Paypal?
Yes, You can. Note that Paypal comission is 4%.

Can I send deposit by bank T/T?
Yes, You can. Bank account details here.

Do I need to send deposit to make bid?
Yes, to make make You bid active - You need to send us deposit.

Why deposit is needed?
Because if You make bid and buy the car and fail to provide full payment - we will have to cancel the transaction with auction house. And in this case auction house imposes cancelation fee on the buyer.

What does it mean - "select an auction house"?
There are more than 40 auctions in Japan, and inland transportation from auction spot to main ports like Yokohama/Kobe differs much. So to save money You should bid for cars closer to main ports.

What is Negotiations when car unsold?
Negotiation can be only after car unsold after bidding. And the price of the car will be at least last price offered plus over 30000 JPY.

What do you mean by original B/L or surrender?
Ask your consignee or custom clearance broker, what documets they need, Original B/L or surrender B/L is ok for them.

When shipping documents of the vehicle  are ready to be sent to consignee after shipping? 
3-5 days after shipping from Japan.

Is it possible to deliver a car to ***?
To get started, carefully read the rules for working with our company https://aaajapan.com/how-to-buy. We ship cars exclusively by Ro-Ro vessels. Therefore, find out  whether Ro-Ro vessels call at the port You specified or do not.

Do I get tracking details when a car is purchased and how long does shipping usually take to  ?
Yes, You can track with B/L number. Freight to Europe takes 40-60 days.

Is it possible to request more pictures of a particular car. Like close ups or pictures of the underneath?
Only additional inspection available at additional cost, but without photo.

What is next after deposit? 
After You place bid on the car - we translate auction sheet, You indicate the port of destination, confirm the bid after translation. And only after that Your bid will play.

If i want to get refund for my deposit - how that works? 
You send us instructions  with Your PayPal name, Your username with our system, and Your e-mail address. Then we send Your deposit back via PayPal.

Where can I see action sales statistics?
You can view sales prices here https://bid.aaajapan.com/st?classic

I need interior pics of car, can you help?
No, such service is not available.

I placed bid in cabinet, but later changed the bid price, should I do any additional action?
Yes, You should let us know about your bid price change by any messenger.

How long it will take to deposit delivery by bank transfer / by PayPal ??
By bank - 2-3 days, by PayPal - same day. 

I changed password to ........., I created a new account with the same e-mail address, and now I can not login, help !

In this case, when You created several accounts for 1 user, or can not login by any other reason - You should clear cookies in Your web-browser in this way.

If my bid won, when should I pay for the car ?

You should make payment on the same day or the next day after You received invoice from our company.

Is it possible to place a bid with start price and win ?
How can I see the price of the last bidder of a particular car. so that I can bid higher ?

No, see the process.

The car was unsold. Will this car be on sale next week on the same auction site ?

Maybe this car will be in a week maybe no. Nobody knows. The seller makes decision what to do with unsold car.