Auction Info

There are huge amounts of used car’s auctions in Japan where everyone could find the vehicle which suits you best. For example cars, bikes, boats or other special vehicles.

In the Japan could be found around 30 well-known auction centers and more than 200 local auctions. The most famous through all Japan are USS, TAA, JAA, HAA and CAA.

The main reasons why Japanese auctions are so popular are good quality checkout vehicle system and well-developed auction rules. All vehicles on the auctions get their unique lot numbers and auction lists which characterize the car. The system of conventional symbols and short descriptions are enough to make a purchasing decision. Also, to help you to choose a right bid for your car, it is available car’s statistic where you could find all information about sold car’s brand, model, chassis ID, year, mileage or colour.

A lot of cars could be found in different countries after auctions because Japanese car’s market is highly valuable all over the world!