Safe Trade

Safe Trade

AAA Japan is a member of a non-profit organization called Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association. This organization was approved by the Japanese government and supported with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The main goal of this association is to create fair vehicle trade between consumer and seller.

To organize safety of both parties Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association created Safe Trade payment method. Association is becoming guarantor during whole purchasing process where the main purpose is to hold buyer’s money till auction agent send the car and all necessary documents. In case of unfollowing the Safe Trade rules, money will be returned to the owner and deal will be closed.

How does Safe Trade works?
  1. Requesting Safe Trade method of payment

While purchasing the car tell us that you would like to pay by Safe Trade. We will arrange everything with the association for you!

  1. Applying Proforma Invoice

Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association will send a Proforma Invoice for you where will be shown the total price + ¥20 000 ($200) — Safe Trade fee.

  1. Payment

You should make a deposit to the account of the non-profit organization. When the deposit appears on Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association account, they let us know, so we can prepare everything for the shipping.

  1. Shipment

When all documentation is ready and the car is on the board, AAA Japan sends to association Bill of Lading and one more copy for you.

  1. Buyer and Supplier exchange

After association gets Bill of Loading, they made an exchange between the consumer and seller. The buyer gets all necessary documents; AAA Japan earns money, while the car is on the way to your local port.

  1. Receiving your vehicle & Feedback

The last thing you need to do is just to receive the car in your local port. If you like our service, write us a feedback! It means a lot to us.

Safe Trade Charges

Note that additional ¥20 000 ($200) comes to Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association and if you won’t pay this fee the deal is going to be closed. This means you will get your money back with deducting bank charges, while we will need to sell the car, which we bought for you and pay all auction charges again. So if you want to be protected by Trade Safe, do not grudge this little lose.