Toyota at Tokyo Motor Show!

Yesterday Toyota got the right to be first and central presentation at Tokyo Motor Show 2017. Official speaker was vice president Of Toyota Didier Leroy.

Leroy is first non Japanese top-manager in the company, and he successfully joked that the Frenchman is actually opened the Toyota’s presentation in the Tokyo!

It was 10 new concepts! Some of them could be in the mass production shortly in the company’s showrooms. However, other examples looks more like experiments which should go through some development steps.

One of the most exciting concept-car was new Crown which Toyota is planning to sell in the 2018. As you remember this model have been running since 1955. Toyota didn’t specify what changes did they make to the Crown; however, they told it’s going to be interesting for the driver…

Company generally talks about “connected cars” technology which is going to be in the new Crown. This is data sharing across the cars. This could develop from the car safety to the city safety. By the way there are going to be an additional benefits, for example, with non-stop data flow the car will help choose the road without traffic jam and also create a remote car’s diagnostic.

Latter “N” in the Crown looks suspiciously… Broken probably…

Toyota Century changed his generation for the third time in the last 50 years. Inside the car is going to be hybrid powerplant which include 5,0 liters V8 2UR-FSE, previously it was V12.

Exterior looks the same; however, company told us that in the interior was made a lot of comfortable changes. There is going to be more place inside the car, vehicle include all Toyota safety systems and also “Safety Sense P”, monitoring “blind” zones and also rare movement helper.

Concept of TJ Cruiser includes itself quality of minivan and crossover. Letter “T” stands for toolbox and latter “J” stands for joy. It is difficult to say is this car ready for the mass production but it looks pretty interesting.

Saloon is transformed into the smooth floor. It will help to carry different equipment like bike or even surfboard!

Sports car GR HV Sports concept is Toyota's try to include in one car exterior of GT86 and technical solutions of racing TS050 which is riding on WEC.

The car got chassis with the removable central roof section. Toyota remained us that Supra got the chassis variation.

Interior of GR HV Sports should looks like in the racing car. Start button located in the automatic transmission lever which got “H” gearshift.

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