New Porsche in Old Shapes!

American company Singer Vehicle Design introduced new vehicle in old shapes — Porsche 911 1990 date of production, which will be equipped special developed engine. Williams Advanced Engineering company is preparing the exclusive engine for this project together with legendary engineers and Porsche motorists Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer.

A client of this vintage car is a regular Singer’s customer — Scott Blattner. Developers assure that this vehicle is going to weight 990 kg due to using carbon, titanium and magnesium.

Aerodynamic chassis was developed in Williams with the using of Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD. It helps to save classic design and improve aerodynamic quality.

Modern-Classic Porsche 911 from Singer equipped with an atmospheric engine, special shock absorber from the EXE-TC and lightweight six-speed manual transmission — Hewland. Sports car also has adjustable suspension, Bmembo brakes and 18-inch magnesium BBS wheels in the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

It was supposed that this car would be the exclusive model, however; Singer decided to create 75 same vehicles. Old-shape Porsche production will be built in the Williams Company in the Great Britain. Unique Vehicle’s cost is undercover.

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