The Craziest Shelby Mustang on SEMA!

Looks like SEMA became a serious Mustang battle platform for tuners. For example, except general competitor — Roush Performance, Shelby also decided to show their concepts. One of the craziest concepts from Shelby on SEMA became Super Snake Wide Body concept on the base of Mustang 2018. There is only aerodynamics body kit concept, which company is planning to produce in the nearest future. Shelby hopes it’s going to be demandable after SEMA 2017 auto show.

New body kit became wider on 63 mm in the front and 100 mm in the back. Besides the expender fenders, there is offering bumper with double splitter and upgraded air intake and also modified bonnet. Shelby hides wheels with the massive tires in the arches and finally uploaded spoiler in the back.

Another premiere from Shelby became performance enhancement kit for Ford Mustang 2015 – 2018 model years with the name Shelby 1000. This includes replacing stock V8 5 L on to volume of 5,2 L, uploading modified cylinder heads from GT350 and 4,5 L superchargers Whipple. After all of these changes, power is rising from 426 to 1000 HP. With this enhancement upgrades, Shelby also offering new body panels from the last Super Snake Wide Body, regulating coilovers, Brembo breaks and Stabilizer bushing.

If you want to get this upgrade hurry up because Shelby is planning to produce only 50 packages of 2018 Shelby 1000!

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