The Self-Driving Bus Got Into an Accident!

The USA decided to launch their first autonomous public buses in the Las Vegas and one of these buses had a crash on the first day!

Most notable that the car accident happened because of a careless driver. The truck rode into the bus’s road. By the way, the accident was light, everyone safe including cars.

Police officer convicted that it was absolutely driver's fault; moreover, he mentioned that self-driving bus behavior was perfect, which immediately stopped how was written in the rules. The bus will come back into the road after compulsory diagnostic.

The self-driving public transport was created by Navya company — French engineering center. A few months ago same buses were launched in the United Kingdom. Navya uses 15-seat transport module which could accelerate to 45 km/h (average is about 25 km/h).

Car accident with self-driving cars happened few times before; however, in all cases, the human weren't right.


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