103 Years Old Peugeot Was Bought for 7 Millions!

Auction House Bonhams sold one of the rarest French vehicle in the world — Peugeot L45 Grand Prix Two-Seater 1914 year. This car took a part in Indianapolis race. The auction started with $1 million and was sold for $7 260 000!

Racing Peugeot saved his original chassis and power plant. The vehicle equipped with a 4-cylindric engine with capacity 4,5 L giving us 112 HP.

Collectors think that there are only two L45 survived nowadays. Particularly this car has 4 owners: Peugeot company itself, it was a spare car in the races of 1914 in Lyon, Ralph Mulford, which took 3 place in the Indianapolis in 1916, Art Klein, which was racing in this car in 1919-1920 and American businessman Lindley Bothwell, which stored L45 from 1949!

Immediately after buying Bothwell rode 4 circles in Indianapolis with the average speed of 166 km/h. In 2003 and 2011 this car was seen racing in the Goodwood festival of speed. Also, this vehicle was shown at the elegance contest at Pebble Beach in 2014.

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