Famous Red London’s Buses is Now Using Coffee Fuel!

This week London’s red buses started to use new biodiesel made from coffee waste. Surprisingly to fill up new fuel transport company does not even need to re-equip bus’s engines!

The fuel called B20 was developed by Biobean company together with Royal Dutch Shell. To create this kind of fuel company use coffee oil mixture created form the coffee waste and diesel fuel in proportions 20/80.

According to Biobean, they collect coffee waste from London’s cafeteria and companies which produce instant coffee. Company representative assures us that citizens of London throwing away 200 000 tonnes of coffee waste. This means that 2,5 million of energy cups is enough to fill up the single bus for a year!

England is quite actively trying to find alternative biofuel for their public transports. Reminding that city buses had already used biodiesel created from animal fat. Also, previously Londoners wanted to recycle a huge jellified chunk of edible fat founded in the sewerage!

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