Dallara Automobili Released Their First Transformer!

Racing chassis’s manufacturer showed their first car — speedster Stradale. The main feature of this car appears to be transforming carbon chassis, doors or even windows.

Speedster could easily become a roadster if you will equip the Stradale with the window! Except this, it is possible to equip the car with the T-frame so the sports car will appear to be targa and by replacing the doors you could turn the car into the coupe.

Sports car Dallara Stradale weights 820 kg and equipped with Ford’s turbo engine 2,3 L, 400 HP and 500 nm. There is available 6-speed manual transmission or automatic gearbox with the flappy paddles. For an additional fee, you could also get a rear wing which will provide the car with more than 820 kg of downforce. Stradale could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h for 3,25 seconds and maximum speed is 300 km/h.

Dallara Automobili is planning to produce 600 cars for the minimal price of 155 000 Euros. The window will cost 16 000 Euros, targa top — 7 700 Euros, doors — 7 300 Euros.

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