How to almost sell your Honda Accord 1996 for $150 000!

About a week ago user from the American website Reddit with the nickname — maxlanman posted an advertisement with the words: “My girlfriend needs to sell her car. To help her, I made this commercial”. In this video, you could see Honda Accord 1996 year which was then selling on eBay with the starting price of $499. For the next 4 days, users from Reddit and YouTube bid the price till $150 000! Post from Reddit have seen 110 000 people and wrote more than 200 comments; moreover, it gets more than 4 000 000 views on YouTube!

maxlanman or Max Lanman is a professional film producer, so there is no doubt that the video is really good.

Sadly but on 6 of November admins from eBay stopped the auction because they suspect price cheating. Looks like there was price cheating; however, we think it wasn’t intentionally. More likely someone did it just for fun.

Same date maxlanman reached an agreement with eBay to renew the auction. Now the price of the car is $5 100. The auction will end after 4 days.

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