New Lamborgini Futuristic Concept!

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept was built in the commonwealth with Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Seems like new technology, which was shown in this project, is going to represent us supercars of the future.

Lamborghini declares that this crazy concept was design for the third millennium and show how the company is going to develop their cars in the future.

CEO Stefano Domenicali told that cooperation is going to be an important part in the future of Lamborghini’s supercars. The technology of this concept represents only tiny part of what company is going to build in the cars of the future. By the way, we think in the far future cars, because all this technology unlikely appears in the next generation Lamborghini cars.

Terzo Millenio is a productive and ultra light car which was built with maximum efficiency of an aerodynamic body! Team also didn’t forget about aggressive style with spaces in the chassis for better air circulation. The vehicle is moving by 4 EV motors, one for each wheel.

One of the features became supercapacitors which collect energy itself. Developers were working not only on high power but also on better charging system, effective battery regeneration with the help of kinetic energy and long working battery term.

Accordingly, to this, body panels appear to be battery blocks! Batteries of the future are going to be quite thin and located between inner and outer chassis’s layers. Concept feeds energy by carbon nanotubes and there is going to be enough power for 4 EV motors.

Except this Lamborghini and Massachusetts Institute of Technology want to develop a self-regenerating carbon fiber! The vehicle will be monitor body for the cracks and other damages and in the case of detection will be performed filling microchannels with reducing substances. It will help to produce carbon parts with the increased level of deterioration.

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