Dream Project Acura NSX for SEMA 2017!

Tuning centre ScienceofSpeed decided that standard Acura NSX is not hot enough, so they decided to upgrade her even more for SEMA show!

ScienceofSpeed was created in 2001, located in Arizona State. This company is well known for their first generation NSX upgrades. Finally, company is building their Dream car from NSX second generation. Dream Project got complex of technical and stilling improvements.

Firstly ScinceofSpeed decided to increase the power. Vehicle was equipped with multiple exhaust outlets and also cold intake was developed. Combination of these upgrades increase Acura’s power for 37 HP and 42 Nm — 610 HP and 687Nm.

Company also developed the controllability by upgrading suspension system. They lower the car for more than 25 mm and to decrease damaged from the road ScinceofSpeed uploaded ILift, which could upper front of the car approximately on 50 mm when detecting the barriers. Last thing in the controllability was beautiful ultra light Advan alloy wheels with Pirelli tires.

To increase NSX aerodynamics ScinceofSpeed team upload GT3 stile body kit which include front flaps, carbon rocker panels, huge rear wing and rear diffusers. Glossy black roof specially made for first NSX generation lovers looks perfectly with blue and black interior style, Recaro seats and blue door panels. On the front panel also uploaded multifunctional OLED display — gaugeArt.

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