Bugatti EB110 GT Would be Sold at RM Sotheby’s

We often hear about some modern super cars such as Bugatti Chiron and sometimes forgot about their beautiful ancestors. Have you heard of Bugatti EB110 GT? This vintage beast is going to be sold at RM Southby’s Auction House. There were produced only 139 super cars since 1991 till 1995 years. Those time this car cost around 380 000 Euros but today the auction is going to sell Bugatti for 1 million dollars!

The company got the order to build this car in 1993 and after one month the sports car was ready for the owner to pick up; however, he could not fully pay for this car because of the difficult financial situation in the country those time. The Bugatti EB110 GT was stored by the dealer until the 1995 year when new owner August Nyuhter finally purchased her.

In late 1990, Nyuhter moved to America with the Bugatti. The super car should pass the certification in the USA before August could legally drive this car. He got the certificate only in 2005, till those times the sports car was stored in the garage. Bugatti saved original paint, chassis, powerplant and was fully maintenance.

For this entire time, super car run only 4540 km! The car equipped with 3,5 litres 12 cylindrical engine with 4 turbines which gave 550 HP. Sports car accelerate to the 100 km/h for 3,6 seconds, maximal speed is 343km/h.

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