General Motors Created Wallet on the Wheels!

Car makers are trying to include more additional services into the car where it becomes popular nowadays. For example, General Motors created a new platform for service’s payment. American auto concern named it Marketplace and it will help drivers to pay straight from the car! This platform is going to be launched soon in the Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC cars 2017-2018 models year.

In the Marketplace the owners could pay for the fuel or buy coffee and even reserve a place in the restaurant or order a room in the hotel! Also, there is going to be a special section for GM owners where they could buy parts or accessory for their cars, enroll in the service maintenance or buy additional internet traffic.

Right now in the Marketplace could be found Shell’s and ExxonMobil's fuel stations, TGI Fridays restaurant, parking service Parkopedia and also food delivery services.

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