Rapper recorded the song from the Rolls-Royce Phantom!

British rapper Skepta is an owner of such music awards as MOBO and Mercury Music Prize within the framework cooperation with Rolls-Royce wrote and recorded the song called «Skepta PR».

The most interesting that Skepta created his track in the back of the new Rolls-Royce Phantom when the vehicle was silently moving on the roads of Alps in the Switzerland near the Lake Lucerne. Artist told that he was inspired by peace and tranquillity which he was felt in the Phantom’s interior.

Torsten Muller, Rolls-Royce CEO told that he is happy that Skepta became one of the Rolls-Royce’s members. He was impressed how musician felt the value of the brand so deeply and found an original way to show that Phantom is the most silent car in the world by recording the song and the video inside the vehicle.

Skepta added that the new Phantom is something incredible. He set down to the car and didn’t think any more. Rapper imagines that he was in the first class of the airplane with only one difference — there was no noise around. Musician thinks that Phantom is an ideal place to record the music because there are only comfort and silent.

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