Like the car on the street? Order the test-drive!

Chinese company Alibaba launched new vehicle’s purchasing service. With the help of this service, a customer could test any car seeing on the street. New service is using a vending machine!

The service is going to be available for the clients which own Alibaba. The user could take a picture of the car and upload it to the mobile app which will check the availability of this car in the vending machine.

Then all you need is to make selfie which will help the computer identifies you near the vending parking slot. Test-drive is totally free! The consumer could test new car for the 3 days; however, it will be available only for the top rated users.

Reminding that Alibaba launched selling car’s vending machine in the summer this year. Now Chinese could buy the car and pay 10% now and the rest by instalments in the vending machine.

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