Danish Company Revives Old Mustangs into the Watches!

There are less and less classic Ford Mustangs on the roads nowadays. That’s why Danish company REC Watches created a special line from the classic Mustangs.

Right now Danish watchers are searching for old Mustangs parts in the world’s vehicle’s dumps and even collect them from the clients!

REC Watches searches history of every single car, finds their owners and old photos which describes last life of the Ford Mustang. When the job is done, company record an exclusive video different for each watches telling the vehicle’s story which sacrificed part of the car to make this beautiful watch.

Watchers were inspired by the classic car. So each watch has a unique VIN and model year of the Ford Mustang. Clock face’s style looks like Ford’s dashboard, for example, battery indicator looks like fuel indicator.

The revival of old Ford Mustang is a bit pricy. The cost of the watch from the classic vehicle starts from the $1 495.

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