A unique Toyota Supra will appear in the Auction!

Japanese auction house BH is going to sell a unique Toyota Supra with the V12 engine. The car was built by a well-known tuner and founder of Top Secret tuning company Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata.

3 liters 2JZ-GTE engine was replaced to 5 liters V12 from the sedan Toyota Century with 2 HKS turbochargers and specially design intake manifold. The engine now has about 1000 horsepower and 1010 Nm torque!

This Supra beast also has a new aerodynamic body kit from Top Secret, fixed rear wing, bonnet from the carbon fiber. The chassis of the car was painted into the company gold colour.

The sports car was built for speed racing. The idea was to break the 321 km/h record. To do it “Smokey” Nagata went to Great Brittan where he could accelerate only till 317 km/h, and then he was arrested.

Afterwards, Kazuhiko could break the record few times in the New Zealand and Italy. On the Nardò Ring, Smokey could accelerate the Supra even till 358 km/h!

Also, we expect brand new Toyota Supra coming up in the 2018 year!

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