Megawatt supercar from Taiwan — Miss R

XING Mobility company build EV supercar prototype which they assure suites for the track as good as for the off-road surface! Miss R’s power plant includes 4 electric motors which get 1360 HP and 1720 nm with a total weight of 1500 kg.

Taiwan company build own accumulator block with the capacity of 52 kW/h. The battery contains 100 modules with controlling configuration where each of them loaded with 42 lithium-ion cells. Also, XING Mobility patented unique cooling system for accumulators. Batteries immerse into the special liquid which does not conduct electricity. The Same liquid is used for cooling supercomputers, laser systems and protection system from heating intermission.

Dynamic of the Miss R is really impressive! Accelerating to 100 km/h for only 1,8 second, whereas to 200 km/h — 5,1 second. EV supercar needs only 8,87 second to overcome 400 meters. Maximal speed is 250 km/h and power reserve is 250 km.

Miss R got driving mod where you can choose from asphalt to gravel, 2 sets of tires, braking system with the liquid cooling, adaptive suspension with magnetorheological shock absorbers and finally system of torque distribution on each wheel.

XING Mobility is planning to build test prototype in the mass production chassis by the end of the next year. The company wants to produce 20 Miss R supercars. Selling start is going to be by early 2019 with the price of $1 million.

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