Old Volvo was Equipped with Tank’s Engine!

Swedish auto enthusiast Victor Jönsson decided to rebuild his Volvo PV544 1960 date of production into unusual roadster equipped with a V12 engine with volume of 38,8 liters!

The engine was taken from the written-off armored bridge-builder — Brobandvagn 971. By the way, this vehicle is a copy of German BLG-60M2 which is also a copy of armored bridge-builder MTU-55 from the Soviet Union which build on the base of Soviet tank T-55. The engine has 520 horsepower and 2300 nm.

It is too difficult to find proper gearbox for this engine so auto enthusiast decided to equip it with the gearbox from the BMW 525 90 year and limited engine thrust till 700nm.

To equip this massive engine Jönsson made the car longer on 6 meters! The suspension system was taken from the pickup Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty.

The work is not finished yet, Victor is planning to finish his roadster next year.

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