Fantastic Tesla Semi Acceleration was shown on Video!

On the Internet video appears demonstrating how good EV Tesla truck could accelerate. American electric vehicle company was showing dynamic of their new car — Tesla Semi. Beholders were lucky to record the video, so we can share it with you! Tesla Semi accelerating with a hurricane speed, this vehicle may even drive circles around any other diesel truck during simultaneous start!

Reminding that Tesla showed their truck on 16 of November with new Tesla Roadster. Owing to 4 electric motors — each on one rear wheel and fantastic aerodynamic (0.36 Cx), Semi could accelerate to 96 km/h for only 5 seconds! However, the same exercise with full loading Semi could make for 20 seconds.

During presentation Musk told us that their brand-new truck will surpass diesel competitor in delivery cost per mile; moreover, Semi will make competition to railway transport! Truck production will start in 2019 and Tesla has already started to collect orders.

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