Formula 1 Changed Legendary Logo!

During rewarding the champions of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Formula 1 showed their new official logo. The last version was unchanged 23 years! However, straight after celebration racers and journalists started to criticize new logo.

Champion of Formula 1 season 2017 Lewis Hamilton told us that the last logo was iconic and it’s the same thing if Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz decided to change their logotypes. Also, racer notices that new logo has no history; however, we could write history themselves.

Sean Bratches, Commercial Director of Formula 1 declares that the last logo served great; however, the number 1 looks not clear at the previous logotype what should be taken into account in the business policy. A lot of people didn’t even know that there is invisible number 1 on the logo. That’s why Formula 1 wants to make it clear for everyone with the new simple logotype.

New commercial right's owners from Liberty Media confirmed that by the next season start they will change all Formula’s stile including TV graphics.

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