Nissan Nismo Festival at Fuji Speedway

Last week in Japan Nissan Nismo festival gather huge crowds of fans. Hundreds of cars, more than 28 000 people came at Fuji Speedway to see Nissan Nismo festival. The event includes itself racing like Nismo Gran Prix.

Also, Nissan gave all us chance to see legends in the track again, for example, Michael Krumm, Katsumasa Chiyo and super drifters Tsuchiya Keiichi, Takahashi Kunimitsu and Hagiwara Osamu. There were historical race and exhibition Z-Challenge on the track.

President of Nismo thanks, all fans and everyone who came to the festival, also note that Nissan and Nismo are going to enter Formula E in winter next year.

Mostly vehicles from Touring race, Group C or Super GT make up the Nissan Heritage Collection and also includes some old models from 1933. There are around 400 cars there which may be seen in Zama, Japan.

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