This Nissan 300ZX Could Compete with Bugatti

BH Japanese Auction House is going to sell a unique Nissan 30ZX in the January which could compete with super cars like Bugatti!

The official name of this car is Jun Bonneville 300ZX Z32 1991 year. On the Week of Speed in the Bonneville, this Japanese sports car could accelerate till 261,923 m/h or 421,536 km/h!

This insane model got lots of modifications to make it possible to compete with super cars. Serious work has been done to the 370ZX’s engine, equipped with a huge turbocharger and lots of new details. In the result, this sports car got 985 horse powers.

Also, Nissan 370ZX got aerodynamics upgrades to make possible to drive this car at the high speed. Interior has a protective frame, racing steering wheel, lots of additional devices with every possible buttons and switches on the dashboards.

The auction is going to sell the car for 8 or 11 million yen. By the way, they also want to sell a rare Nissan Skyline GT-R.

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