Autonomus car was taught how to drive on the snowy road

VTT Research Center in Finland told about their achievements in the driverless car’s development. Scientist successfully tested the autonomous car on the snowy road, where the road marking is invisible.

Concept name is Martti and it was built on the Volkswagen Touareg platform. Self-driving car has already been tested during the snowfall with the speed up to 40 km/h. Creators assure that Martti could drive even faster; however, during the experiment, they decided that it would be the best option.

Next VTT step is going to be an additional work under sensors such as increasing radius recognitions and developing artificial intelligence. All of this will help the car to react during driving on the slippery surface and during limited visibility, for example, driving in the fog or snowstorm.

Also, VTT develops net module between the cars which will be collect the information and share it with other driverless cars. For instance, this net could understand adhesion to the road surface in the particular roads and in case inform other cars with artificial intelligence to be prepared.

After it would be done, the company wants to teach the Martti how to drive on the forest’s roads.

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