How Good Lamborghini Urus is driven on the Snow?

Few weeks remaining till the Lamborghini will officially show their new Urus. While we are waiting, the company decided to post a new video demonstrating how Lamborghini’s SUV could be driven on the snow or ice.

Reminding that first Lamborghini crossover got 6 driving mods: track (Strada), sport (Sport), race (Corsa), sand (Sabbia), land (Terra) and snow (Neve). On the video, we could see how test sample still in camouflage speedily maneuvers on the snowy road in the snow (Neve) mode.

We suppose that till 4th of December (First official Urus presentment in the Sant'Agate Bolognese) Lamborghini will also show us Land (Terra) mode or how Lamborghini’s SUV will drive on the dirt and off-road.

Urus was built on the same platform as Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga. This car got high-tech 48-volts electro system to manipulate rolls systems of suppression. Under the bonnet, there is 4 litters twin-turbo V8 engine around 650 HP. Possibly will come up hybrid version of Urus in the future.

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