The most popular cars

  1. Toyota Hiace Van
  2. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
  3. Mitshubishi Canter
  4. Toyota Land Cruiser
  5. Toyota Rav4
  6. Toyota Allion
  7. Toyota Dyna
  8. Mitsubishi Rosa
  9. Mitsubishi Pajero
  10. Mitsubishi Fuso BUS

Shipping Port

Used vehicles in Zambia are shipped through Dar-Es-Salaam or Durban.

Right Hand Drive vehicle

Only right-hand drive vehicles are allowed to be imported in Zambia. Exception is provided in case of ambulance and fire engine.

Age Restriction

No age restriction on age of used vehicles imported in Zambia.

Road worthiness Inspection

All Japanese used vehicles imported to Zambia must be JEVIC (Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center) certified for roadworthiness.

Documents Required for importation

  1. Original Certificate of Title and Registration
  2. Commercial/Purchase Invoice :- showing purchase date and price
  3. Driver's License & International Insurance Policy (green card)
  4. Original Bill of Lading and Non Sale Certificate
  5. Letter of Transfer from client's employer
  6. Valuation Certificate

Taxation in Zambia

Import VAT:

  1. Collected on behalf of the VAT Division and taxed on imported goods that attract VAT.
  2. VAT is charged on the Taxable Value i.e. Customs Value + Customs Duty (+Excise Duty, where applicable) at the rate of 16percent.

Carbon Emmision Surtax:

  • This is charged on all motor vehicles being imported as well as those visiting and transiting.
  • It is an annual charge for those vehicles already in the country based on the engine capacity of the vehicle as shown below.

1500cc or under Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity: 50000 Surtax Rate

1501 – 2000cc Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity: 100000 Surtax Rate

2001 – 3000cc Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity: 150000 Surtax Rate

3001cc or over  Vehicle Engine (Cylinder) Capacity: 200000 Surtax Rate