The most popular cars

  1. Suzuki Swift
  2. Nissan Note
  3. Nissan X-trail
  4. Toyota Passo
  5. Hino Dutro
  6. Honda Insight
  7. Toyota Coaster
  8. Nissan Bluebird Sylphy
  9. Nissan Skyline
  10. Nissan Elgrand

Shipping Port

The common port in Bahamas for importation of used vehicles from Japan is Freeport and Nassau.

Left-hand drive vehicles

Importation of left hand drive vehicles is preferred in Bahamas.

Pre-shipment Inspection

No inspection required. Marine Insurance-Not mandatory

Age restriction and Inspection

Age restriction on used vehicles imported in Bahamas is four years. Special permission is required for importation of trailers and caravans. Upon arrival the vehicle must be taken directly to the Road Traffic Department for inspection and licensing.

Documents Required for importation

  1. Copy of Certificate of Title and Registration
  2. Original Commercial/ Purchase Invoice
  3. Import permit
  4. Bill of Lading
  5. Certificate of Inspection
  6. Taxpayer Identification Number
  7. Copy of ID/Passport/Driving License

Taxation in BAHAMAS

  1. Custom duties depend on the CIF value:
    1. Car Value of $10,000 or less: 45% Duty
    2. Car Value of $10,000 – 20,000: 50% Duty
    3. Car Value of over $20,000: 65% Duty
  2. VAT: As of January 1st 2015, Bahamians must pay an additional 7.5percent tax on imported vehicles, unless imported on a temporary basis.
  3. Environmental levy is USD 200.
  4. Procedure fee is 1percent of FOB price.

Other charges may include: storage fees, freight and insurance and landed charges.

This information is only for your reference. For up-to-date information please visit your governmental official source.