Tuning Show Hot Roads Custom in Japan

26th Hot Roads show took place in the Japanese city Yokohama dedicated to the bike’s and car’s tuning. On the exhibition were around 650 motorcycles, 300 vehicles and 330 auto shops. For the single day, more than 17 000 people visited the Hot Roads Festival.

Event organizations invited some well-known American tuners; they brought their cars and bikes to the show. There are surprisingly lots of American cars in the Japan, especially on the Hot Roads Show. One of the guests from the United States became the legendary Gene Winfield. Unbelievable that he is continuing to build new custom cars more than 70 years!

It is worth noting that Japanese love low cars even more than traditional hot-roads, so low riders also took a place on the Hot Road Festival.

Also, not long ago there was Retro Car Festival in the territory of Japanese Tenmangū temple.


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