Tuning Ferrari 308 GTS from the Legendary Customizer!

Next month Barrett-Jackson Auction House is going to sell a unique Ferrari 308 GTS belonging to legendary American auto customizer George Barris. He is well known for creating batcar in the 1966 for batman series and for other movies.

George bought this vintage super car in the 1978 and decided to modify his new toy straight after purchasing. Ferrari was painted into the gold-brown colour with the Italian flag band. Barris equipped car with the extended wheel arches, really wide tires with the BBS alloy wheels. Customizer also replaced retractable headlights, the grill and he added new spoilers in the front and rare.

George Barris also seriously worked in the saloon of the car. The sports car got electric dashboard, NEC phone, Kenwood audio system, Sony TV, back up camera and security system with the keyboard. This car was like a space shuttle those times!

Mileage of this 39 years old Ferrari is only 12 800 km.

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